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Stacklok Instance Limitations

Stacklok runs the open-source Minder project as a service to make it easy to get started securing your GitHub repositories. The Stacklok hosted Minder currently has the following limitations:

Public Repositories Only

The Stacklok-hosted Minder will only operate on public repositories. Our current focus is supporting open-source library and package maintaners; if you want to run Minder on private repositories, you can run your own instance of Minder from the open-source software.

Single Owner for Repositories

Minder does not currently support sharing control of repositories across multiple users. If you want to use Minder on a shared repository, we recommend creating a shared GitHub account (service account) with access to the the repositories you want to manage.

Profiles Apply to All Registered Repositories

Minder currently applies all configured profiles to all registered repositories for an account. Configuring this is on the Minder roadmap.